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Mr. Michael Young is not someone you forget. He is one of best students I have ever seen. I very seldom can give a recommendation as strong as I have for Mr. Young. And if the column of boxes marked "Upper 5%" had been marked "Upper 1%" I would still have checked all of the boxes.

He was a student in the undergraduate class CSC 410 Data Structures (Spring 1986) and the graduate class CSC 810 Analysis of Algorithms II (Fall 1986). The later class is very demanding, especially in the area of mathematics. He was the top student in both classes, receiving perfect scores on all exams and programming assignments. And it was not just the scores he received on his work, but the quality of his work. The CSC 810 class required the students to prove various problems to be nondeterministic polynomial time. This required being creative and being adept at mathematics, including writing up their proofs in a good mathematical style. In this Mr. Young excelled.

During the two years that I knew Mr. Young I had several conversations with him about computer science. I remember urging him to go on for a Ph.D. in Computer Science at a major university. He is the perfect example of a brilliant student who majored in a non-science subject as an undergraduate (at Stanford University) who would be outstanding in the general area of science. Also, Mr. Young has a pleasant personality and works well with others.

I recommend with my highest confidence that Mr. Young be admitted to your master's degree program.

Robert James Douglas, Ph.D.

Professor of Computer Science & Mathematics, Emeritus

San Francisco State University

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