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Performance Programming Under MS-DOS Performance Programming Under MS-DOS (later editions published under the titles MS-DOS Advanced Programming and Inside DOS: A Programmer's Guide), 1987, 1988, 1990

By Michael J. Young

Published by Sybex (now Wiley)

Comments from Reviewers & Readers

Selected by PC-Tech Journal reader opinion poll of favorite books for 1988 (cited in the January, 1989 issue). Recommended for "programmers who want a technical and practical approach."

"A good choice for C and assembly language programmers ... well written to show how to optimize your programs." Computer Book Review

"...many of my unanswered questions were answered as I read the book, such as information on interrupts and the TSR programs. I know that I shall be coming back to this book often just to satisfy my curiosity." Hugh Mooney, Big Blue and Cousins (December 1988)

"It was a pleasure to obtain a publication that is superb for its content as well as writing style." H.D. Noyes, Calgary, Alberta

"Thanks for a GREAT book that deals with our programming problems in a very practical way." Nathan Hamaoui, Brooklyn, NY

"Your book, Performance Programming Under MS-DOS, is an invaluable reference and source of ideas and techniques for me. It sits on my bookshelf right next to Kernighan and Ritchie [a true compliment, indeed!]. I have also used the companion diskette in my own programming work." Rob Savoie, Telesensory Systems, Inc.

"Loved your book. It's saved me months of writing. Thanks." Chris W. Garuk, Richmond, BC

"Just a note to let you know how valuable Performance Programming Under MS-DOS has been in the development of my own TSR rhyming dictionary, QuickRhyme. It really fills a gap in computer literature for anyone who wants to dig a little deeper than the DOS Technical Reference would have one believe is possible... Your book provided relief from a lot of tedium." Carl Wurtz, Burbank, CA

"Excellent book! Refreshing to see competent work in this realm." Harvey Schwartz, San Gabriel, CA

"I would also like to commend you for a very excellent book, the likes of which is much needed." George Fredal, Manchester, MI

"I have enjoyed your book very much..." Ross Allardyce, Glen Waverley, Australia

"...to be frank, words can't express how impressed I am with your work..." Udonna Eke-Okoro, Nigeria

"I purchased a copy of your Sybex book Inside DOS: A Programmer's Guide and have found it to be very useful and informative." Mark Stein, Sterling, VA

"Your Performance Programming Under MS-DOS is an excellent book. Thanks for doing it. It's a pleasure to find code written in assembly." Ash Campbell, Randolph, NH

"Enjoyed my purchase of Inside DOS ... Less confusing about "Data First, Please" on device drivers than Adams/Tondo's Writing Device Drivers in C." J. R. Brown, Huston, TX

"I found your book MS-DOS Advanced Programming very interesting, both as a source of information and also as a useful reference book [although he wanted more detailed information on the 21h interrupts]" Alan C. Bonici, Malta, Europe

"Thank you very much for such a useful and fun book." Mark Barbee, Tulsa OK

"I have really enjoyed reading your book MS-DOS Advanced Programming! It has been my "handy-dandy" reference for more than a year! ... thanks for sharing your knowledge in your book!" Clyde T. Eisenbeis, Oakdale, MN

"I write to congratulate you for writing such a wonderful book as MS-DOS Advanced Programming. I spent 200 [some currency] -- which is a lot of money for a student like me -- to buy that book but, believe me, I never regret doing so." Emmanuel C. Williams, Nigeria

"As a novice to C, Assembly, and Performance Programming, I wish to extend my appreciation for your especially helpful publication Performance Programming Under MS-DOS ... I might add that while plowing through thousands of lines of code, there were virtually no errors, which is incredible given the complexity of the subject. My congratulations to you and Sybex." Mike Hammer, JLS Consulting, Inc., Reston, VA

"First let me say how much I've enjoyed your book and excellent programming style. I have learned much from your examples and will use their techniques in my future projects." Angelo R. Bobak, New York, NY

Inside DOS: A Programmer's Guide Contents


Part 1: The Tools

Chapter 1: Systems Programming in C and Assembler

Chapter 2: Interfacing C and Assembler

Chapter 3: Debugging

Part 2: The Resources

Chapter 4: Interrupts and the DOS Function

Chapter 5: The BIOS Functions

Chapter 6: Other Resources in MS-DOS Machines

Chapter 7: Compatibility vs. Performance

Part 3: Devices

Chapter 8: Fast Video Display

Chapter 9: The Anatomy of a Device Driver

Part 4: Memory Management

Chapter 10: Expanded Memory: A C Interface

Chapter 11: Memory Residency

Part 5: OS/2 Compatibility

Chapter 12: Writing Programs for the OS/2 DOS-Compatibility Environment


A: Interrupt Vector Table

B: The MS-DOS Functions

C: The BIOS Functions

D: The Program Segment Prefix

E: Memory Map

F: Port Map

G: Summary of C Functions

H: Bibliography

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