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Running Microsoft Office 97 Running Microsoft Office 97

By Michael Halvorson & Michael Young

Published by Microsoft Press
Pages: 1117, plus a companion CD
ISBN: 1-57231-322-6

This is a comprehensive book and CD covering all of the Office 97 applications.

This page describes the original edition of the book. It was replaced with an updated edition published in April of 1998; see Running Microsoft Office 97, Updated Edition.

Topics on this page:



Part I: Getting Started with Microsoft Office

Chapter 1: A Quick Tour of Microsoft Office

Chapter 2: Learning the Basics: Windows, Toolbars, and Printing

Chapter 3: Managing Documents: From Your Hard Disk to the Internet

Part II: Microsoft Word

Chapter 4: Getting Started with Word

Chapter 5: Entering and Editing Text in a Word Document

Chapter 6: Formatting a Word Document

Chapter 7: Customizing Styles and Templates

Chapter 8: Arranging Text in Columns and Lists

Chapter 9: Using Word's Proofing Tools

Chapter 10: Designing Pages

Chapter 11: Working with Word in Workgroups

Chapter 12: Writing Long Documents

Chapter 13: Using Word to Automate Mailing

Chapter 14: Automating and Customizing Word

Part III: Microsoft Excel

Chapter 15: Building a Worksheet

Chapter 16: Formatting a Worksheet

Chapter 17: Organizing Information with Worksheets

Chapter 18: Customizing Excel to Work the Way You Do

Chapter 19: Crunching Numbers with Formulas and Functions

Chapter 20: Creating Worksheet Charts

Chapter 21: Managing Information in Lists

Chapter 22: Analyzing Business Data

Chapter 23: Increasing Productivity with Macros

Part IV: Microsoft PowerPoint

Chapter 24: Getting Started with PowerPoint

Chapter 25: Entering and Editing Text

Chapter 26: Formatting Text

Chapter 27: Inserting Graphics and Drawings

Chapter 28: Adding Special Effects and Internet Links

Chapter 29: Perfecting Your Presentation

Chapter 30: Setting Up and Rehearsing the Slide Show

Chapter 31: Running the Slide Show

Part V: Microsoft Access

Chapter 32: Databasics

Chapter 33: Creating Tables and Relationships

Chapter 34: Entering and Viewing Data with Datasheets

Chapter 35: Entering and Viewing Data with Forms

Chapter 36: Getting Answers with Queries

Chapter 37: Generating Reports with Wizards

Chapter 38: Formatting Forms and Reports

Part IV: Integrating Microsoft Office Applications

Chapter 39: Sharing Data Among Office Applications

Chapter 40: Using the Office Binder Program

Chapter 41: Managing Information with Microsoft Outlook

Companion CD


Note that some or all of these errors might have been corrected in more recent printings of the book.

page 234, lower-left item in table near bottom of page: "Shift+Ctrl"

Should be "Shift." Note that as an alternative method, if the horizontal ruler is displayed, you can drag one of the "Move Table Column" elements on the ruler to change column widths.

Chapter 20 of the CD version of the book: The graphics don't display.

Nothing is wrong with your Web browser! The graphics files for this chapter were accidentally omitted from the CD.

page xxxiii: "The online version of Running Microsoft Office 97 provides easy access to every part of the book [true], and the powerful search feature will help you find the information you're looking for in record time [not yet true]."

The current CD does not have a search engine for the online version of the book. (The previous edition of the book on CD did have a search engine, but for the current edition the text was translated to HTML so that it could be viewed in a browser and a search feature is not yet available. I am campaigning to have one provided with the next edition!)

page xxxiii: "To install the sample files on your hard disk, be sure the companion CD is in your CD-ROM drive. Choose Run from the start menu, and then type d:\samples\setup.exe ..."


the file ReadMe.txt on the companion CD: "Downloading the Sample Files ... You can download the sample files from the CD ... Type d:\samples\setup ..."

There is no setup program for the sample documents. The documents are simply stored in the folder \SAMPLES\FILES on the CD, and you can open them directly in the appropriate Office applications. Alternatively, you can use your browser to open the Web page \SAMPLES\SAMPLES.HTM on the CD. This page contains a list of hyperlinks to the sample documents. If you click one of these hyperlinks, the document will be opened directly within your browser (provided that you're using Internet Explorer or another browser that supports "active documents"). (You can also access SAMPLES.HTM via the "View the sample files" hyperlink in the page CONTENTS.HTM in the root folder of the CD.)

You can also copy all of the sample documents to your hard drive by inserting the CD, running Windows Explorer, and dragging the entire \SAMPLES folder from the CD to your hard drive. If you want to be able to modify the documents, you'll need to turn off the Read-only property of each file. You can do this as follows:

  1. In Windows Explorer, select all of the files in the \SAMPLES\FILES folder on your hard disk. (You can do this by opening that folder and pressing Ctrl+A.)
  2. Right-click any of the selected files and choose Properties from the pop-up menu.
  3. Uncheck the Read-only check box, and then click the OK button.
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