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Systems Programming in Turbo C Systems Programming in Turbo C

By Michael J. Young

Published by Sybex (now Wiley)
Pages: 503
ISBN: 0-89588-467-4

Comments from Reviewers & Readers

"Thanks for the book and diskettes on Turbo C. They look good, and I will use them for my Summer course." Gerald Sacks, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Mathematics, Harvard University

"I want to compliment you for a well-written and useful book." A.J. Steel, Menlo Park, CA

"In my opinion one of the best. Learning C is not necessarily easy for some of us, and your explanations have really helped." Bill Weber, St. Charles, MO

"I would like to compliment you on an outstanding and informative book!" L. Blanchard, London, England

"I found the typography and layout excellent, and the writing clear and easy to read, but it was not until I keyed four modules into my computer that I really came to appreciate the quality of your work." Charles Sankey, Johannesburg, South Africa. See the original of this great letter!

"Congratulations on an excellent book, which is one of my most valued possessions." Dr. Melford John, Kingston, Jamaica

"Excellent Book -- I really enjoy it!" Dan R. Rock, AT&T, Denver, CO

"I have your Systems Programming in Turbo C and it is by far the best book in my collection. Congratulations!" Kevin Weidner, Pleasantville, NY

"I recently encountered the DOS limitation of twenty open files. When I called Borland customer service to see if they had any solutions to the problem, they recommended your book Systems Programming in Turbo C. Not only was this problem addressed, but many other routines will undoubtedly find their way into future projects. This useful and well written book is a welcome addition to my growing library of DOS related material." Delroy A. Brinkerhoff, Slat Lake City, UT

"I've been an avid reader of your excellent book Systems Programming in Turbo C. Especially, Chapters 9 and 10 -- dedicated to TSR programs -- contain many useful details I never read before. Your program scrgen also is a very nice tool for screen painting..." V. Brisbois, Fabco Electronics & Computing, Dion Valmont, Belgium

"Thank you for the book Systems Programming in Turbo C. This book has been a great help in my work as a software developer and consultant. You have approached the subject "memory resident programs" carefully, professionally ... This is hard to find in other books describing TSRs." Ole Christian Styri, Jevnaker, Norway

"I am impressed with the concepts and unique solutions that you have provided for the problems presented. All were very useful ... Congratulations on a job well done!" Gregory A. Failing, President, Forrest Computer Systems, Inc., San Antonio, TX

"There are hundreds of reference books available which I have had to reduce to the five books which I was using until reading yours [Systems Programming in Turbo C]. I haven't finished yet, but it looks like you'll be replacing three and possibly even Norton's." Kevin M. Matkoski

"We just wanted to thank you for publishing your excellent book on systems programming in Turbo C..." Mason Sharp and Paul Mantyla, The Quantum Leap, La Jolla, CA

"...I want to compliment you for a well-written and useful book. I was particularly happy to get templates for memory-resident, pop-up window printer configuration programs..." A. J. Steele, Menlo Park, CA

"The book was very enjoyable, interesting, and contained some very useful program modules." Steven L. Gocke, Lawrence, KS

"I'm totally impressed with your book, Systems Programming in Turbo C, and can't bring myself to cut the page [with the diskette order form] so please accept this as the order form for the disk..." Don Ridgway, Temple Terrace, FL

"I want to thank you for the good work in the book Systems Programming in Turbo C. Overall it has given a Ďfeelí about whatís behind the screen when I see commercial or professional software. Now, I'm going through it a second time, as a review, and by writing in the enhancements, gaining some more proficiency in what I have learned. Itís even nudged me further into assembler. I'm forty-two and programming has helped me to get back that feeling of discovery and curiosity that I had when I learned how to add two-digit numbers at six years of age. Thanks again." Michael Hanna

"Found your book to be very complete." Bob Pickering, Thorold, Ontario

"I enjoy the style of your Turbo C programming approach and the clarity of your book presentation." Edward J. Seng, Hurst, IL



Chapter 1: Introducing Turbo C

Chapter 2: Advanced Programming in Turbo C

Chapter 3. Keyboard and Console Functions

Chapter 4: Printer Functions

Chapter 5: File Management Functions

Chapter 6: Video Functions

Chapter 7: An Interactive Screen Designer

Chapter 8: Device-Independent Graphics

Chapter 9: Interrupt Handlers

Chapter 10: Memory-Resident Programs

Chapter 11: An Expanded Memory Interface

Chapter 12: Utility Functions


A: Alphabetical Summary of the Functions

B: Setting Up a Library File

C: Extended Keyboard Codes

D: Bibliography

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