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Software Tools for OS/2: Creating Dynamic-Link Libraries Software Tools for OS/2: Creating Dynamic-Link Libraries

By Michael J. Young

Published by Addison-Wesley
Pages: 343
ISBN: 0201517876

Comments from Reviewers & Readers

"I found the book Software Tools for OS/2 by Michael J. Young, and read it with excitement. It is well written for OS/2 beginners who are familiar to DOS programming but not to OS/2," Masayuki Niwa, Kobe, Japan



Chapter 1: Creating Protected-Mode Programs

Chapter 2: Creating Presentation Manager Programs

Chapter 3: How Dynamic-Link Libraries Work

Chapter 4: Creating a Dynamic-Link Library

Chapter 5: Sharing Data

Chapter 6: Writing Initialization and Termination Routines

Chapter 7: Using the C Runtime Library

Chapter 8: Using Runtime Dynamic Linking

Chapter 9: Providing a Real-Mode Version of Your Library

Chapter 10: Writing Dynamic-Link Functions in Assembly Language



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