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Visual Basic—Game Programming for Windows Visual Basic—Game Programming for Windows

By Michael J. Young

Published by Microsoft Press
Pages: 514, plus a companion disk
ISBN: 1-55615-503-4

To download the 12 games, please go to the software projects page.

From BasicPro and Algorithm magazines:

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Comments from Reviewers & Readers

"...If you're going to attempt any type of game programming, make it easy on yourself. Visual Basic--Game Programming for Windows is one of the few books on game programming on the market. Computer Edge magazine, San Diego, CA, February, 1993

"...if you study and modify these games a little, you'll not only enjoy yourself, but I suspect you'll become a much better Visual Basic programmer." PC Techniques magazine, April/May 1993

"Visual Basic is good for more than just business applications, and Michael J. Young shows you the fun you can have and create for just $39.95 in Visual Basic--Game Programming for Windows ... The source code is well documented, so it's perfect for the beginning or intermediate user. The book includes all the files on disk you'll need, from source to project and bitmap files." James E. Powell, Windows Magazine, December, 1992

"Nicely presented." Computer Book Review, January/February 1993

"Games use a lot of programming techniques, including sound and animation. It [Visual Basic--Game Programming for Windows] has plenty of examples." Byte magazine, January, 1993

"In this unique approach to programming, the programmer has the opportunity to play 12 different games and learn game programming by modifying the games. The games range from simple fractals and puzzles to strategic board games to some highly imaginative action games." Sci Tech Book News, January, 1993



Part I: The Basics

Chapter 1: Getting Started

Chapter 2: General Programming Techniques

Part II: Puzzles

Chapter 3: Peg Solitaire

Chapter 4: Deduce

Chapter 5: Word Squares

Chapter 6: Queens

Chapter 7: Fractal Puzzle and Fractal Generator

Part III: Strategic Board Games

Chapter 8: Tic Tac Toe

Chapter 9: Ludo

Chapter 10: Ringo

Part IV: Action and Gambling Games

Chapter 11: TriPack

Chapter 12: Grid War

Chapter 13: Boule

Appendix: Windows API Functions Used in This Book

Companion Disk

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