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Windows Animation Programming with C++ Windows Animation Programming with C++

By Michael J. Young

Published by AP Professional
Pages: 303, plus a companion CD
ISBN: 0-12-773750-2

This book teaches the basic programming techniques for generating animation, and provides ready-to-use C++ classes that let you quickly add animation to your C++ programs.

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Comments from Reviewers & Readers

"Young introduces the joyful and attractive world of animation. [The book] shows how to write animation programs, or add animation to existing programs, using only a standard C++ development environment. ... Its coherent style, the clarity of the material, and the attractiveness of the topic make the book good and easily approachable." Svetlana Segarceanu, Computing Reviews

"This book is a practical and non-intimidating introduction to the fundamentals of animation programming for Windows using C++. ... It provides a set of ready-to-use C++ animation classes on a disk which can be used to add animation to the reader's programs." Lavoisier Management, November, 1996


Part I: Windows Basics

Chapter 1: Windows Programming Basics

Chapter 2: Windows Graphics Basics

Part II: Sprite Animation

Chapter 3: A Sprite Animation Class

Chapter 4: Drawing Animation Figures

Chapter 5: Generating Manual Sprite Animation

Chapter 6: Generating Automatic Sprite Animation

Part III: Frame Animation

Chapter 7: A Frame Animation Class

Chapter 8: Basic Frame Animation and Rotation

Chapter 9: Panning, Zooming, and Moving Frame Animations

Companion Disk


Note that some or all of these errors might have been corrected in more recent printings of the book.

page 5, Table 1.1, first item


page 38, Table 2.1, "Drawing mode" item, right column:

"Determines the way ..." should be "Determines the way that pen and brush colors are combined with existing device colors when lines or closed figures are drawn"

page 52-53, Table 2.3 has three errors (not the best table in the book!):

page 149: near end of first paragraph:

"...Windows never posts more than a single timer message every 54.5 milliseconds..." should be "...Windows never posts more than a single timer message every 54.9 milliseconds..."

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