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Windows Programming with Microsoft C++ Windows Programming with Microsoft C++

By Michael J. Young

Published by Sybex (now Wiley)
Pages: 834
ISBN: 0-7821-1147-5

Comments from Reviewers & Readers

"This concise, practical, no-nonsense guide will teach you everything you need to know to write programs for Windows using MS C/C++ 7.0 and the SDK. The book is a real C++ book and covers both object-oriented programming techniques and Microsoft's Foundation Classes. The example programs presented are provided on the companion disk--it is packed with over 250 source files. A well-designed and well-illustrated book." PC Techniques magazine, February/March, 1993

"Congratulations on your excellent book -- Windows Programming with Microsoft C++. This so far has been an excellent learning aid for C++. I have come across others, which have been OK, but this one is by far the best." Jasbinder Singh



Part I: The Basics

Chapter 1: The Greetings Program: Writing in C++

Chapter 2: The Greetings Program: Using the Microsoft Foundation Classes

Chapter 3: The Greetings Program: Building and Debugging

Chapter 4: Enhancing the Greetings Program

Part II: Window I/O

Chapter 5: Displaying Text in a Window

Chapter 6: Reading the Keyboard and Mouse

Chapter 7: Scrolling the Window

Part III: Window Features

Chapter 8: Including Child Windows and Predefined Controls

Chapter 9: Designing and Managing Menus

Chapter 10: Creating Custom Dialog Boxes

Chapter 11: Writing Multiple Document Interface Applications

Part IV: Graphics

Chapter 12: Using Drawing Functions

Chapter 13: Using Bitmaps and Bit Operations

Part V: Saving, Printing, and Exchanging Data

Chapter 14: Reading and Writing to Files

Chapter 15: Printing

Chapter 16: Exchanging Data with Other Programs

Appendix: Additional Topics

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