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This page showcases several websites I have designed and developed, and lists some of the web design principles I have attempted to follow. All of these websites were hand coded in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, & MySQL, and they include my own written content, digital photography, photo editing, and graphics illustrations.


1. mjyOnline.com

mjyOnline.com website



mjyOnline.com is my original website, which you are currently viewing. The website was hand coded using HTML 4.01 (Transitional), CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and MySQL.

The following were the primary design principles and goals for this website:


2. KeitaiArts.com

KeitaiArts.com website



This is the website of KeitaiArts, the company I started to create original applications for mobile devices.


3. WordPress Blog

Fascinating Computer Science Blog



I also set up and customized a WordPress blog, which I named "Fascinating Computer Science—articles on interesting new developments in computing." The blog is written primarily in PHP and uses CSS extensively. (After writing an initial series of three articles I have not found time to keep writing for the blog.)


4. NancyRoach.com

NancyRoach.com website



NancyRoach.com is the website of artist Nancy Roach of Sebastopol, California. The site displays the artist's abstract, still life, and landscape works, and it embodies many of the same design goals as mjyOnline.com, described above.


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