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Mastering Microsoft Office 97 Web Publishing Mastering Microsoft Office 97 Web Publishing

By Michael J. Young

Published by Sybex (now Wiley)
Pages: 604
ISBN: 0-7821-2075-X

This book provides in-depth coverage of the new Web publishing and Internet features provided by Microsoft Office 97.

Topics on this page:



Introduction -- Read an excerpt from the Introduction

Part I: Common Concepts and Techniques

Chapter 1: An Introduction to the Internet, the Web, and Office 97

Chapter 2: How to Use Office 97 to Publish on the Web and Access the Internet

Part II: Web Publishing with Word

Chapter 3: Using Word to Create HTML Web Pages

Chapter 4: Adding Text, Lists, Tables, and Forms to Your Web Pages in Word

Chapter 5: Adding Graphics, Video, and Sound to Your Web Pages in Word

Chapter 6: Using Word to Add Frames, Applets, and Other Enhancements to Your Web Pages

Part III: Web Publishing with Excel, Access, and PowerPoint

Chapter 7: Publishing Worksheets and Charts on the Web with Excel

Chapter 8: Gathering Information on the Web using Excel Forms

Chapter 9: Using Excel to Import and Analyze Data from the Web

Chapter 10: Using Access to Publish Static Datasheets and Reports on the Web

Chapter 11: Using Access to Create Dynamic Datasheets, Interactive Forms, and Integrated Publications on the Web

Chapter 12: Obtaining Information from the Web and Using Hyperlinks in Access

Chapter 13: Publishing Presentations on the Web with PowerPoint

Part IV: Using Other Office Applications with the Internet

Chapter 14: Using the Internet Features of Outlook and the Binder

Chapter 15: Using Personal Web Server to Publish on Your Own Computer

Appendix A: Moving to FrontPage


Note that some or all of these errors might have been corrected in more recent printings of the book.

Page 386, Figure 11.12

In the Save As Type list, the "Microsoft Active Server Pages (*.asp)" item should be selected in the Save As Type list at the bottom of the dialog box. Ultimately, you'll need to store the resulting .ASP file in a folder on the Web server that permits scripts to be executed via HTTP.

Page 547, near the top: URL for downloading Personal Web Server

The Microsoft Web site no longer seems to provide Personal Web Server (PWS) for download. However, PWS is included as an optional component with Windows 98 and possibly later Windows versions.

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